Ron Sinoo Rotterdam
Ron Sinoo

The Netherlands

We recently started offering this work. If you want to purchase something, you can use the paintings' forms. We will then send you an invoice that you can pay. The artwork will be expertly sent to you.
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If you are interested in a painting, you can buy it with the 'purchase' link on this website.
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How to lease
The hiring of the artworks is currently only possible within the Netherlands and only to companies and institutions. You can contact us to discuss the options and prices.

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About Ron Sinoo
This Dutch artist works and lives in the city of Rotterdam. He makes modern art in an old traditional way.
Atelier Ron SinooOil paint on canvas is a time-consuming process, but the color palette is richer than the contemporary paints. His work describes recognizable feelings and is built up with abstract shapes.

Ron has worked a lot on computers over the past 20 years. He is co-owner of the multi-media company PiRoMedia.
PiRoMedia produces multidisciplinary products, such as video, graphic design, software development, photography, web design and music.

You can make beautiful things with computers, but there is always a digital layer between the image and the viewer.
Computer images are always built up with a grid. This nowadays increasingly suggests reality, but the real world has no grid view at all.
During the making of paintings Ron experiences the real analog world.
Mankind has painted thousands of years to express feelings and overcome fears. A color combination is a story and a shape an assessment. Analog images are still closer to our feelings because they are just real. So when you look at a Ron Sinoo painting, don't ask your self what you see, but what you feel.
How to visit
You can make an appointment to visit our studio PiRoMedia

Schonebergerweg 85b
3023 ZJ Rotterdam
The Netherlands
Tel: 3110 4762520